a small update and reflecting on semester 1 of vet school

I've been away for the last few weeks, as we have been on Winter Break/Exam period! It's almost finished now: my last exam is happening this coming Friday, and then our second semester starts on Monday! It's been a bit of a whirlwind 2 months so I wanted to get back on the blog and write a little update and spend a bit of time reflecting on the first term.

Due to the pandemic, I was unsure for a while what my plans around Christmas would be, but it turned out that I could get back to Canada to be with my partner over Christmas. It was all a bit hectic and stressful to get there; I was allowed in as part of the 'extended family member' travel allowances (idk if anyone reading this knows anything about the Canada travel restrictions, but basically I was allowed in because my boyfriend is there!) but it was still a very long journey to get all the way from Košice to British Colombia. But I managed to do it and had the most wonderful, relaxing month with Connor over Christmas and the New Year,

We had to quarantine for 2 weeks when I got there but it was actually quite fun: an excuse to watch a lot of TV and order a lot of food. Anyone in a long distance relationship knows how amazing it feels to finally be back with your person, so I was practically in heaven for 5 weeks. Now, I've been back in Slovakia for a week and have been taking exams and trying to get back into the swing of a routine, in order to get my head back in "school mode". It's been difficult; it's always difficult when a holiday ends and doubly so when you have to leave behind the person you love... but I've survived a week so far and somehow managed to pass all my exams up until now so I think the next few weeks and months are looking a little more clear. At least, that's what I'd like to hope.

Anyway, I had originally planned to do my exams in December, before trying to get to Canada, but due to some new travel restrictions I had to leave earlier than expected: hence, why I'm doing exams now. I've done Chemistry, biology and Latin so far and this week I still have History and Biophysics. The exams have been pretty tough for me and the last week has been really stressful because of them, but I've just had to be a bit philosophical (lol Connor) about it and take the win (especially on Chemistry.... it almost killed me).

Thinking back over the last 5 months, it's crazy how much has happened. I was thinking back today about the few weeks when we were actually going into the school, having real practical classes and starting to get to know one another. That part honestly doesn't feel real, it's like I dreamt it up or something! Because the majority of the term was conducted from inside the apartment, the same desk for every class, and virtual "practical" classes... And it was definitely difficult. It was hard enough to be in a starkly different country to any I've ever lived in before, learning a new language and doing classes I've never taken before... And looking back, the online learning was definitely hard for me. Which I hadn't expected going into it.

I always thought I was good at teaching myself stuff from my computer, but that wasn't so much the case this semester. I don't know if it was just the subject matter getting progressively harder, certain language barriers, the daily stress and worry of being in the midst of the pandemic and so much turmoil around the world... It definitely took a toll on my motivation and ability to study efficiently. There were so many times I struggled a lot to focus in lectures, which hasn't happened to me often in the past; solely because I was exhausted of sitting in the same spot for hours at a time: and then on top of that, studying MORE after class... again in the exact same spot. And lockdown was tough, not being able to go outside as much and worrying whenever I did... I'm sure a lot of people have felt the exact same way and struggled similarly in school during this pandemic, and my heart truly goes out to everyone because it has been the hardest semester of school I've ever done.

The second semester is starting out online as well. So, I've been thinking a bit about how I can improve life for myself to try and be a bit more effective and happy this term. I'm definitely going to try and change scenery more often, even just within my apartment, so I'm not stuck at that desk for 12+ hours a day. I'm planning on scheduling my time better so I sleep more routinely and better, trying to carve out time to eat and sleep and moisturise my face properly so I don't mope as much. We shall see. I'm excited to start out this new semester but I'm also really daunted: I took a peek at some of my new courses and they look very difficult with a LOT of stuff to remember. I probably shouldn't have psyched myself out like that, but what can you do. Just trying to stay calm and take it one day at a time, and focus on staying balanced so I don't burn out in the first week.

I'll update the blog once the term has started and I get into the swing of it more. I just wanted to do a bit of a brain dump today about the last few weeks and how I'm feeling. It's good to be back with Bee, it was nice to see Hanuška... I miss Connor a lot. School is stressful and I bounce from hopeful and happy to despondent and depressed every five minutes. But I'm feeling quite happy now! And that's about everything from me today I think.

Lolol if you managed to push through this far congratulations, I'd give you a prize but I don't have the capital to do that.

I'll be back soon!


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