quick bit about me

this is the most personal thing I've ever put on the internet so like.... whats up

1st year vet student. Currently living and studying in Košice. Drinking a lot of coffee, a lot of tea, and a lot of lavender cordial, eating a lot of ice cream and halušky... Enjoying the sunshine, the wildflowers, the bees and the funny little cricket creatures all over the place.
I have a cat called Princess Honey Bumble Bee Beatrice... but she like to go by Bee most of the time.
Likes: Animals (duh), bees, horseriding, flowers, food, tea, my boyfriend, the ocean, sewing, painting, guitar and reading the same few books over and over again
Dislikes: mushrooms, the sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach when you make a decision and know instantly it's wrong, manipulative people, when you get so sad sometimes that you feel like it's literally going to be the thing that shuts down your organs and kills you, bananas, bad movies